Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blog Entry 11

            After rereading all of my blogs and going over everything that we have done in class, I realized how much I have learned over this past semester in class. Even when I signed up for the Hunger Games SIS, I didn’t really know what an SIS was. I enjoyed the Hunger Games books and movies, and I just thought that we were going to go more into depth in the books and the meanings behind them. However, even just after the first day of class I realized that we would be learning much more than that by connecting different parts of the Hunger Games to multiple different disciplines such as history, sociology and more. It was very interesting hearing all the different lectures from all of the guest speakers, and hearing how similar their discipline was to the Hunger Games trilogy.
            I thought the most interesting part of this class was the presentations at the end and seeing how many  more ways the Hunger Games can be related to everyday life. In one of my classes last semester, I did a presentation on the Olympics and political statements that have been made throughout history. When we finished reading the books and started getting into more and more discussion, I started to see an overwhelming amount of similarities between political statements that were made in our history as well as political statements that were made throughout the Hunger Games books. As I continued to listen to more and more presenters as class went on, it was very interesting to me to see how different people related the Hunger Games to real life.
            I think one presentation that was most interesting to me was Devon’s when she diagnosed certain characters from the books with different disorders. She talked about post traumatic stress disorder in Katniss, substance use disorder in Haymitch, and Johanna’s phobia of water. While reading the books and watching the movies, I didn’t think about any of this until I started to talk to Devon about our presentations and saw how much she thought about this the whole time she was reading the books. This also showed me how much our chosen disciplines relate to what we take out of what we read in class. Since Devon is a psychology major, she looked at the books from a psychological standpoint and diagnosed characters with disorders. Since I am an exercise science major, I looked at the games from a sporting point of view and was able to relate them to the Hunger Games.
            While I learned a lot about the books themselves and how they relate to different disciplines, I think the biggest thing I take away from this class will be being able to look at a situation from multiple different angles, and being able to understand that there might not be one correct way to look at something. We have seen this throughout the entire semester with one trilogy being related to many different disciplines, and all of them relating it to different aspects of real life.

            It was interesting to reread the books a couple years later and see how much more I took out of them then from when I read them for pleasure when they were first released. It has been very interesting seeing people’s viewpoints on different aspects, and seeing how people can take one situation and interpret it differently than another person.

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